Monday, June 30, 2014

How To Project T-shirts 

This was a project for group with families having vacations by one of Michigan state  lakes. I needed to make a design for them and to do designed T-shirts as well. You can see Dainava T-shirts on my blogs title page, it is just designers file, but I would like to guide you through the process of whole T-shirt project.

1 Step Of course you have to get equipment for transferring designed heat transfers on T-shirts- Heat Press Machine . You can search them on internet.

2 Step Find a website to create desired design for your T shirt order. Describe your idea well and try to guide the project until the end (when you and your client is happy)

3Step Find website for making heat transfer by using your created design file.

4Step Order needed amount, sizes and colors of T shirts online, look for the best price.

5Step Print heat transfers on these T shirts.

It sounds very simple☺. Actually it is simple you just need to try. So after I went through this process finally I had my first order done!

The next project I did was T shirts for the painting company. I will tell you about it in my next post. If you have some questions, you are welcome leave comments or write in my skype chat.

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